Those Magi – A Study

A study based on Misha’s sermon: Which Star Are You Following?

  1. What lessons can we learn from the Magi and their persistence to find Jesus. (matt 2 v 9)
  2. How can Simeon and Anna be an example to us today. ( Luke 3 v 25-38)
  3. Why is important to be constantly filled with the Holy Spirit and to be in fellowship with God and each other. (matt 25 v 1 -12)
  4. How can we convey the true meaning of Nativity to our unsaved loved ones and friends .
  5. Discuss as a group how Jesus second coming will have much in common with His first, the state of the world, Godlessness and other situations we see in the world at this time.

Has the light dawned?

A study on Isaiah 60:1-6 based on the sermon Rise and Shine

  1. When you think of Advent, what do you think…? Discuss this as a group.
  2. Compare Isaiah 5:20 with Isaiah 60:2. How does that help us understand what kind of darkness is meant here?
  3.  [This is a question that will take some time] The New Testament is scattered with talk of light and dark, turn some up (Hint: Matthew, John, Ephesians, 1 John, Revelation) and see how they relate to our reading, and talk through how they should impact the Christian life.
  4. How can Christ’s light shine through us, to enable others to see the truth, and what, in our lives, might be a hindrance to that?

Sierra Leone Prayer Points for December 2017

The main issue in Sierra Leone at the moment involves the contents of the 40 foot container which arrived at Bethesda two weeks ago.





Please pray:

  • That God will stir the hearts of folk in the Connexion to help with the massive distribution of goods.
  • That Magnus, Daniel and others involved in the organisation will be given wisdom in the distribution of the shoe bags and other items.
  • That transport might be available to deliver the goods to outlying villages.
  • That those involved in this work will be strengthened and stay healthy throughout. That God will keep them safe on the roads.
  • That the children receiving the shoe bags will also receive the love of Jesus.
  • That the street children will accept the sleeping bags knowing that God loves them.
  • That Christmas will be a blessed time for all our friends in the Connexional Churches.
  • That Christmas will be celebrated by the children at Bethesda as a time of happiness.