A Study on Mark 4:21-34

A Study on Mark 4:21-34 based on the sermon The Kingdom of God

  1. Discuss your understanding of the reasons why Jesus began to speak in parables?
  2. Read vs 21-25        In this parable how do you understand the imagery of the lamp and what does this mean for Christians today?
  3. Why is it important for us to “consider carefully what we hear”? What are the consequences of doing or not doing this?
  4. Read vs 26-29        Once the seed (God’s word) has been sown, is that the end of our responsibility? If not, what else can we do to enable the seed to bear fruit?
  5. Read vs 30-34        Consider the size of the church when these words were spoken and how far it has spread in the following centuries.
  6. Discuss what you consider are the greatest threats to church growth today?

What kind of field are we planting?

A study on Mark 4:1-20 based on the sermon Sowing the seed of love…

  1. Read the first two verses and discuss how you imagine the scene as Jesus is teaching;
  2. Read the rest of the passage. Why might people not understand the parable?
  3. discuss each of the 4 soil/soul types.
  4. How ought we apply this passage to our own lives?
  5. Spend some time in prayer, seeking the Lord’s leading in our life as a church and His protection, wisdom, boldness and compassion as we’re obedient to Him.

Sierra Leone Elections


Sierra Leone has a major set of elections on March 7th this year.

The country will go to the polls and vote for new:

  • President
  • MPs
  • Mayors
  • Councillors
  • District Council Chairmen.

Please pray:

  • for this process to be honest, fair, and democratic;
  • that Christians will become more prominent in the ruling positions in Sierra Leone;
  • for a Christian President.