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We’re a friendly, local group of Bible believing Christians…

 Just arrived in Ely and looking for a church family to join? Or maybe you’ve got out of the habit of going to church and want to find a way back? Perhaps wondering about your life and God, but not sure where to start looking?

… or none of these and just a bit curious?

 Well in any case, we’d love to see you!

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ALL Life Defenders

Birth does not suddenly transform a fetus into a person. He is a human being from the moment of creation.

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Christian Concern

.@thedistantvoice: The answer to life-shortening illness is not suicide @drpetersaunders @CNKAlliance

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Barnabas Fund

Daily Prayer - 26 July 2017 Let us know you are standing with us in prayer by liking, sharing and commenting below…

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