A Study – Romans 6:1-14

If you missed the sermon on this Passage you can find it HERE

  1. Read from Romans 5:20 to 6:14
  2. Why does Paul ask the question he asks in verse 1?
  3. Spend some time discussing the different way Paul, in verses 1-11, contrasts Sin and death with freedom and life.
  4. Read verses 12-14 again (phrase by phrase) and discuss each instruction. Specifically discuss how these instruction ought to be applied to our lives.
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Bible Study Mark 15: 40-47

Reading: Mark 15: 40-47

Sermon: Christ was buried…

  1. Read through all the gospel accounts for Christ’s  burial; what do we learn about Joseph of Arimathea from these various accounts?
  2. What is important about Christ’s burial, the tomb, the aloes and Myrrh?
  3. Discuss which OT prophecies were fulfilled by Christ’s burial?
  4. What can we apply from this passage for our own lives (consider the two headings for service used in the sermon alongside any other areas which might come through).
  5. Pray for each other as a group especially that we will be challenged to respond more and more to Christ’s incredible love for us, that we may be  better at recognising the gifts we have and be willing to use those gifts for His service.