Worship Service – Father’s Day


It’s great to have you joining us and whether it’s for the first time or you’re a regular that you’ll be blessed this morning.

If you’re unsure how to work your way through the service, simply follow the order of service below; you will find a mixture of video, links to worship and a few words, simply follow them all through in order and as every Sunday, we’ll all come out the other end, having read and studied God’s word, sung His praises, come before Him in prayer and been built up by Him as we go into the week ahead.

Song – Good, Good Father

Song – How Deep The Fathers Love

Song – These are the days of Elijah

Song – Hosanna – Praise is rising

Song – I Stand amazed in the presence

Song – In Christ Alone

Blessing – Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

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He is Jealous! Week of Prayer Day 2; 2018

You must worship no other gods, for the Lord, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about his relationship with you. Exodus 34:14

Today when we read of God describing Himself as jealous, we can get confused by the modern understating of Jealous; for us Jealous is a negative unpleasant thing, and so we marvel at how God who is love can also be jealous.

As in all illustrations man may use to describe God, the one I’m about to share will fall short, but I hope it will help a little in grasping what it means that our perfect God of love and justice is also Jealous.

Let’s say you come home one day to find a stranger in your kitchen chatting to your 14 year old daughter. He says they’ve been talking online and they’re madly in love. He looks the wrong end of his 50’s. He goes on to say that they have decided to go to a country where girls her age can marry without annoying things like consent of parents getting in the way.

Now assuming that before you throw him either out, or against the nearest wall, assuming you could control yourself long enough to weigh up what you’re feeling… what you’d find is that you have become jealous for your daughter – jealous for her safety and happiness which rightfully belong to her and jealous for the affection that rightfully belongs to you. And you’d act quickly, and with God’s grace, within the law, to get that pervert out of your daughter’s life, and you would do all you could to reteach her, and care for her, to nurture her and help her understand what good and proper loving relationships are.

When God is jealous, He is jealous like that – He is jealous for his people, for their affection which is rightly His and for their safety, welfare and growth, which is rightly theirs.

Isn’t that just the most humbling thing – God, the only true God, the creator of all things is so in love with you that He will jealously watch over you to keep you from getting hooked up with anything at all that will harm you.

As you pray your way through the day keep that picture of pure jealous love in your mind and let it lead you in your worship of God, as you seek to walk in His way, with the knowledge of His jealous love guarding you.

Children’s Prayer Activity

Day 2

Let’s thank God for all He has made –which is your favourite day of creation?

Who is Jesus?

This study is based on the sermon What you see is what you get!

  1. Before reading the passage share with each other how you would answer someone who asks ‘who is Jesus Christ, and why should I be bothered?’
  2.  Reading: Colossians 1:15-20

    This passage is full of incredible and sometimes complex statements which we unpacked in the sermon.

  3. As a group take each phrase and carefully discuss what it says about the person and work of Christ
  4. What difference does having a right understanding of who He is make to us as individuals today.

Bullet points – A study on Matthew 5:6-8

This study is based on the sermon: Need an attitude adjustment?

Reading: Matthew 5:6-8

  1. How do you feel when the Lord reminds you through His Word, or a sermon about a need to change your attitude?
  2. Verse 6:
    1. what does it mean to hunger and thirst?
    2. what might cause us to lose our appetite for God, and the things of God?
    3. how can that be remedied?
  3. Verse 7:
    1. what is mercy?
    2. what is the condition on us being shown mercy?
    3. what if we don’t feel merciful?
  4. Verse 8:
    1. what does a pure heart look like?
    2. how can you have a pure heart?
    3. what does it mean to see God; is that a promise for now or for the future?
  5. Homework: ask the Lord to show you any areas in your life where there needs to be an ‘attitude adjustment’, and follow that up with a commitment to let Him do that work with you and for you.