Habakkuk 2:2-20 A Study

If you missed the sermon you can pick it up here: Blighted or Blessed?

  1. Habakkuk was clearly good at listening to God. What are the kind of things which can stop us from listening to God, and what can we change to help us listen?
  2. Take a look through each of the 5 woes or sorrows and discuss, as a group, what each ‘woe’ might teach us today – particularly discuss the areas you can support each others in the group to consider and avoid modern idols?
  3. What does it mean to be righteous, and what does a life lived by faith in Christ look like?

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Mark 14:22-31 – A Bible Study

If you missed the sermon, you can pick it up here: Don’t Argue With God!

  1. What was different about the Passover meal at the ‘last supper’?
  2. As they finished the meal they sang from Psalms 115-118. Take a look at those psalms and pick out anything particularly that might have been poignant for Jesus (knowing He was going to the cross within hours)
  3. We spent a good amount of time looking at Peter’s argument with Jesus about the fact he would deny Jesus. discuss why Peter became so forceful in his argument.
  4. How might we argue with God, bargain with Him, or claim to know better than Him.
  5. Why, when and how might we ever refuse to accept what the Lord is teaching us?