Judges 6:33-40 ~ A Study

If you missed the sermon on this passage you can pick it up here

  1. Before reading through the passage discuss what you know about Gideon.
  2. Read the passage.
  3. Who were the Midianites and the Amalekites, and why did they come to the valley of Jezreel?
  4. What is surprising about Gideon’s decision to ‘put out the fleece’?
  5. What is surprising about God’s response?
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A Study of Storms…

This study is based on Mark 4:35-41 and the sermon The Teacher Tests Us

  1. What is the setting of this passage, i.e. what has been going on during the day before we get to the ‘that evening’ in our passage?
  2.  Did Jesus know that there would be a storm? If so, why did He tell His disciples to sail into it?
  3. How do we know whether our circumstances are as a result of, spiritual attack,  our own disobedience or our obedience?
  4. Why does Jesus test us, and what should we expect to learn through that testing?
  5. take a look at our verses of the year and compare them to this passage. How might our following the encouragements of those verses enable us to support one another and be supported in the storms that come our way?
  6. Spend some time lifting up the work and life of God’s Church at New Connexions in prayer.