Luke 1:5-25 – A Bible Study

This study is based on the above passage and the Sermon The Promise.

  1. What do we know about the background to this account? For example: when was the last prophecy; what was so special about Zachariah’s service at the temple etc.?
  2. What are angels? Should we expect angels to be about today? What is their role?
  3. What was wrong with Zachariah’s question in verse 18?
  4. The were 4 points of application we picked out in the sermon, what were why and why do they matter?

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A Study – Micah 5:1-5

Misha’s┬ásermon can be found here: Fulfilled Prophecy?

  1. Discuss, as a group: What needs to happen for the prophecies in Micah and Isaiah to be fulfilled.
  2. How will the world be vastly different when Jesus returns and using your imagination try to picture what the reign of Messiah will be like.
  3. What other Old Testament prophecies can you think of that also speak of the return and setting up of the Lord’s kingdom on earth.
  4. Jesus is the light of the world remembering the menorah we saw up on the screen what was the important ingredients needed to keep us burning and why do we keep needing to be refilled.