About us

On Sundays @ 10.30am at Larkfield Ely:

For younger people there is ‘Children’s Club‘ for up to 11’s, ‘Impac†‘ if you’re over 11, both running alongside church.

Our present sermon series is on the book of Romans, and so we’re enjoying learning what God has to say to us through this incredible book. It’s great to see that wherever we’re looking in God’s word we find it is as relevant today as it has ever been, and that Jesus shines through the whole Bible, and shines light into all our lives, as we let Him!

Midweek things:

We’ve got regular midweek groups that meet on Monday afternoons, and Wednesday and Thursday evenings, for a chat and coffee and to have another look at the things we talked about on Sunday. Just call to check out venues and times.

Man Time is a monthly meeting for… you guessed it, men!

Ladies Night on the other hand is a monthly meeting for women

Prayer is important to us. As well as encouraging individual prayer we always offer prayer during our services and provide the following opportunities to prayer for the work and life of God’s Church here:

·  Alternate Monday evenings @ 8pm

·  The other Mondays @ 12 noon

·  Every Friday morning @ 7am –  a 1/2 hr. prayer walk starting from Larkfield

·  Every Sunday morning @ 10am

We are a group of friendly and caring people from various backgrounds, and of all ages, who believe the message of the Bible is still relevant in the 21st Century. As followers of Jesus Christ we are discovering that He brings meaning, purpose and joy to our lives as we learn more about Him, and seek to love Him and serve Him.

New Connexions Free Church is a Registered Charity. Our charity number is 1175900

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