Bible Study Mark 7:24-37

Gordon’s sermon on this passage can be picked up here:Jesus Goes Out Of Area

Read verses 24-30

1. When Jesus enters the house, why does he try to keep his presence secret?

2. What is odd and unconventional about the Syrophoenecian woman’s request?

3. Why does Jesus answer her with what seem to be harsh words and to what do “children” and “dogs” refer?

4. Why was the woman not put off by Christ’s reply?

5. In what way is the woman’s faith a model for us in our time of need?

Read verses 31-37

6. What is the first thing Jesus does with the man (vs 33) Why do you think He does this?

7. Discuss why Jesus uses this unusual method to heal the man instead of simply pronouncing him healed?

8. How does the crowd respond to the healing? Read the Messianic prophecy in Isaiah 35 vs 5-6 and discuss why the people did not understand the significance of the miracle?


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