Sierra Leone Prayer points October 2019

  1. We are starting a Connexional Sunday School training today. Trainees(50-60) are of various backgrounds and different educational levels, some not literate at all. They will spend 49 hrs in 8 weekends. Pray for patience in bother facilitators and trainees and wisdom; & resources to handle this successfully.
  2. We have been having, for quite a while now, a serious back and forth with the government on boundaries at Jui land. We are now close to a compromised solution. Pray for sincerity in the hearts of government officials.
  3. The cost of living has considerably increased in the past months. Many people (over 85%) are really poor and things are difficult. Inflation and lack of employment are among some of the reasons. Pray that God will endow the government with wisdom to tackle the root cause of this trend.
  4. As Pastors in the Connexion, we have been praying and planning for our usual annual rretreat.Over 80% of our Ministers depend on stipend from the SLM grant. Paying the cost of the retreat by themselves is not feasible. Pray for God’s provision as we plan for this event which is so important for Ministers.
  5. The Connexional youth have also planned to meet for their camp this year after a lapse. Pray for their planning team for wisdom and provision.
  6. The chaplaincy ministry in our schools is up and running as of September. Pray for God to help us sustain it and use it to bless the teachers and children.
  7. A gentleman called Gabriel Madieh, who is head of The Shepherds Hospice in Sierra Leone, was leasing one of our facilities at Jui. This was where the heads of the Connexion should reside, but he has been working frantically to connive with government so that he can take the facility away from us and own it personally. He has refused to pay the agreed lease since 2003 and forcefully continues to stay in the house. We cannot take legal action against him as yet until we have all the papers from government. Many people in the Connexion are very furious with his disrespectful attitude to the Connexion. Please pray that God will touch his heart and the Church will have the upper hand.
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