Here are some questions from Gordon on the passage he preached on on Sunday:

  1. Take time to read to opening remarks of Paul in some other of his other letters and comment on the way he addresses the churches. What can we learn about the need to encourage one another?
  2. For what does Paul thank God (v8)? Is their success due to their eloquent words, their deeds and lifestyle, or a combination of all these? What should this be saying to God’s church today?
  3. Paul prays for the church in Rome, although he has never visited them. How effective can our prayers be in interceding for those we have never met? 
  4. Read verses 11-13. Why was Paul so keen to visit the church in Rome? Discuss what you believe he hoped to achieve by his visit. 
  5. Paul speaks of being a debtor to various groups of people (vs. 14-15). What do you understand by this expression? To whom are we spiritually indebted, and what obligation does that debt impose on us?
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