Light at the end of the tunnel

Here’s the link to the Sermon: Light at the end of the tunnel

Reading: Amos 9

  1. In v1 We see the Lord standing close by as destruction is carried out – why does Amos not want us to miss this point? Is God aloof?
  2. Why is it important to remember that ALL nations and people are important to him in light of v7 ?
  3. What does Remnant mean in terms of the Jewish people and what does ‘House of David ‘ mean in v11? Discuss the two different meanings of buildings/people.
  4. The society in which we live is no different to Amos’ day. Is it ok for us to live how we want to live in this time of Grace.
  5. What day is Amos talking about here in v11 and what precedes the Jews’ worldwide return to Israel? v11
  6. What promise does God make after their return? v15 Why does the Lord keep a Remnant ?
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