Romans 12:14-21 ~ A Study

If you missed the sermon click here to find it.

  1. Read the passage and discuss what your initial thoughts about it are;
  2. Who might be our enemies – try to be as broad as possible in thinking this through;
  3. How do we fail in this?
  4. Where can we help each other live obediently in this area?
  5. What might be some of the outcomes of obedience to these verses?
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A study on Mark 15:22-39

If you missed the sermon on Mark 15:22-39, here it is:  A Gamers view of the crucifixion (or looking out with Jesus)

  1. Discuss the different people who were present at the crucifixion – what were they doing there, what motives might they have had, how did they respond on the day?
  2. Discuss your reaction to the crucifixion (look at all the gospel accounts and Psalm 22).
  3. In the sermon it was suggested that the crucifixion requires a response? Does it? If so, what is your response?
  4. We were challenged earlier in the service to encourage eachother with scriptures which have been helpful to us this year. Spend some time as a group doing this and consider learning a new scripture, together, each week.


A study – Mark 14:32-52

If you missed the sermon, you can pick it up here: It started with a kiss….

  1. Read the passage: Mark makes a point of translating the Hebrew word Abba, to ensure everyone knows what this word means – why is it a significant word and what does it tell us about the kind of relationship God wants to have with us?
  2. Discuss and work out what we can learn from:
    1. the words of Jesus prayer – what exactly did Jesus mean?
    2. why did the disciples keep sleeping?
    3. why did Jesus pray the same things more than once?
  3. What if anything surprises you about Jesus arrest?
  4. If Peter was willing to draw a sword and fight, what made all the disciples run away?
  5. What can we learn from this passage for our lives in the here and now in Ely?

A Study on Mark 6:14-32

This study is based on the sermon The Death of A Conscience.

  1. Mark 6: 14-16 Discuss who the people were thinking Jesus was; what was the reason for each and why were they wrong?
  2. Mark 6:17-29 Talk through this glimpse of Herod’s life – at each twist and turn discuss the positives and negatives and look at how we might learn from this account.
  3. What is a conscience?
  4. How might our consciences become dull, damaged, and dead?
  5. Which ways can we keep our consciences in ‘tip-top’ condition?